Contact with irritants from poison ivy, oak and sumac can turn into itchy problems. Use Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser, a poison ivy wash, after you have been outdoors to remove the rash causing oil, called urushiol (oo-roo-she-all), from poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Product Description

Wash with Tecnu to remove poison ivy, oak and sumac oil. Simply apply Tecnu to dry skin, rub vigorously for two minutes, and rinse with cool water or wipe off with a cloth. When used within 2-8 hours after exposure to poison oak, ivy or sumac, Tecnu can remove urushiol oil before the rash begins. Once a poison plant rash has started, washing with Tecnu helps remove any free oil on the skin allowing the natural healing process to begin without the possible spreading of poison ivy or oak (re-contamination).

Poison ivy and oak oil can also spread from contaminated clothing, shoes, gloves, tools and pets. Since urushiol oil does not evaporate, it can remain on these items for months or even years at a time. Use Tecnu Original to wash off the oil and avoid a poison ivy or oak rash from secondary contact.

Tecnu Original can be found at a local retailer near you or online.

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Greetings! I was just going to send a quick THANK YOU for developing the first product I have ever used that keeps poison ivy from infecting me, and am quite pleased to see I am not the only VERY HAPPY customer!! I have used products like Calamine Lotion to help me stop itching for many years, and was very interested when I spotted your product in a pharmacy (I was really kind of doubtful when I spotted it, but anything that would help me avoid the ITCH was worth the try). I bought it last summer and put it on a shelf, and I immediately forgot about it. Well, last week I walked my dog along the creek behind my house. After walking a mile from the house my dog decided to chase a squirrel, and I had to go get her when she ignored my calls. When I bent down to get her, I noticed too late that ALL of the plants I was in contact with (it was touching my legs, arms, and FACE) were poison ivy. When I got home I washed the dog, and then I took a shower. After I was done I looked in the medicine cabinet for Calamine, but I spotted your product (Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleaner)and gave it a try. After I was finished, I rubbed some on the dog too. I followed the instructions to the letter, and one week later I can happily report that I HAVE HAD NO RASHES AT ALL! I am amazed and impressed! Thank you for a great product! I am actually going to BUY a bottle for a friend of mine - telling him about it just isn't as convincing as giving him a bottle to try.

DH in Austin, TX

I just wanted to tell you what a Godsend your product is! Our dog got sprayed by a skunk over a week ago and we had tried all the remedies we knew of: Dawn, peroxide, and baking soda over and over again.  Then we went online and heard about Tecnu. We purchased some and though we had to bathe her 3 times, it took the smell away.  I was beginning to think that after so long a time, we were going to have to just wait for the foul stink to wear off.  Each bathing, she was dried completely and then we did it again. Third time was charm.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Beth Knight and Sunshine

Dear Tecnu, I wanted to thank you for sponsoring the Wicked 24 adventure race as part of the 2008 gorge games. Also, I wanted to let you know that the sponsored Tecnu team were a delight to race along side of. Our paths crossed many times over the grueling 24hr race and they were always cheerful, motivated, and good ambassadors of your product. They handed out trial samples before the race that I used afterwards and I have not had any outbreak at all even though I did substantial bushwhacking and certainly was exposed.

Rachael Parker

I just mainly wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what a great product you've made.

The Tecnu outdoor skin cleanser was SUCH a lifesavor for me this past weekend. I decided to help a friend remove some panels off the side of a barn that had been falling apart. Not knowing there were large amounts of poison ivy vines that have been growing along the side of this barn over a period of time, right there I KNEW my arms and face had been exposed to the oils when I had to remove the vines from the panels. Luckily I had a bottle of the Tecnu skin cleanser in my first aid kit. As soon as I got home from doing this job, I IMMEDIATELY applied the cleanser to my hands, arms, and face and rubbed it in, then rinsed. As of now I STILL don't feel any itching.

Before I discovered your product, I use to have to resort to getting rid of poison ivy by stratching my skin until it literally was bleeding, then poured bleach on it. What a PAINFULL procedure to say the least. But now thanks to your Tecnu skin cleanser it's sooo much easier to deal with any poison ivy when ever I feel like I'm exposed to it. Keep up the GREAT work. Thanks again.


I have used your product (Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser) for about four years and have had great success with it. Ever since I was a little boy I have had poison ivy. It got so bad that when I was about 10 years old the doctor gave me shots to prevent it. The shots did not work. I suffered every single summer form severe cases of poison ivy until I found your product at CVS.

This letter is to thank you and to say that I use it every time I work in our yard and the woods. Your product works wonders!!!

P.S. I am 54 years old now!

Scott Nemtzow

I do a lot of trail clearing and poison oak removal on some trails near where I live. I always use cold water and Tecnu to clean myself and my clothes and tools as soon as a I can after working around poison oak... I think it really helps to use it as soon as possible after and type of exposure.

David Crane

This product is very effective! It works GGGRRREEATTTT!!!!! Thank you so much!!

mike pohlman

Just wanted to let you know that I used Tecnu on my son's FiveFinger shoes and his Teva sandals to remove the foot odor smell. Tecnu worked great on removing the smell. I put Tecnu on both by hand and let them sit for a couple of hours. We wiped them off, but did not wash them afterwards. Tecnu did a great job removing the odor!

M Wilson

We live in Poison Oak territory and call 6 acres of it home. It grows to over 5' in height, and is extremely invasive, taking over pasture and hillside. After nearly 10 years of battle, it's nearly under control. I've thankfully had Tecnu on my side the whole time and rarely get more than a spot of rash! Just bought a 32oz jug...


I wish I knew about Tecnu before I was actually infected... I learned about Tecnu after the skin was infected. But I believe it kept the infection from spreading further than it did. It seemed to be spreading pretty rapidly until I used the Tecnu. Now it's just in the same spots it was in before the Tecnu. It's hard to write a great testimonial when I'm still extremely itchy, but there, unfortunately, isn't much of anything you can do after you're already infected. So thanks, Tecnu, for not letting it spread to the rest of my body. I'm saving the rest of the bottle just in case I ever come in contact with the pain in the butt plant known as poison ivy.


I first stumbled across it while in Boy Scouts, little did I know at the time I would soon be working as an intern, own a landscaping business while going to college. When I get poison ivy it tends to be s huge nuisance and every since I started using tecnu it has helped!! The packets would be nice but due to the large quantity they are not feasible to keep on hand thus a bottle in the truck does wonders to help stop the spread of poison ivy before it starts. I have tried everything and this is by far the best Poison Ivy Product on the market today.


I get poison ivy just by looking at a picture of it. I was given a free sample of Technu to try when I got my next outbreak. I was sceptical about it working at all. I was amazed the first time I used it. Follow directions and it works great. I have even given Technu to friends that had poison ivy. Thanksnfornsuch an great product.

David Webb

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