Licefreee Spray!® Instant Head Lice Treatment is changing the way parents end head lice infestation. Unlike any other natural lice treatment on the market, Licefreee Spray! is a one-step solution to your head lice problem by killing head lice and their eggs during the first application.

Product Description

Licefreee Spray! Instant Head Lice Treatment kills head lice naturally using a homeopathic solution that contains sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt. The spray-on application is easy and fast to use, and starts killing head lice and their eggs (called nits) on contact. There is no need to rinse or wash the hair after applying Licefreee Spray!, just allow the hair to dry naturally. If you are aware of a head lice outbreak in school, you can apply Licefreee Spray! to the head daily to kill any head lice that may have hitched a ride home.

Because Licefreee Spray! has been tested effective in killing head lice and their nits, nit-combing is not required. However, a professional stainless steel nit comb is included if nit removal is desired or required by your school's no-nit policy.

Here are some of the reasons why Licefreee Spray! is the best lice treatment for you:

  • Effective in killing lice and eggs
  • Non-toxic treatment, free of chemical pesticides
  • Fast and easy, one-step lice treatment
  • Works on all hair types, even thick, curly hair
  • Pump spray application saturates quickly
  • Convenient no rinse formula, just spray and go
  • Starts working on contact
  • Easy to use for self-application
  • Includes professional nit comb to remove lice eggs
  • Safe for children 6 months and up
  • Homeopathic


  • Albertsons
  • Albertsons, LLC
  • Bi-mart
  • Discount Drug Mart
  • Dollar General
  • Duane Reed
  • Food Lion
  • Fred Meyer
  • Fred's Inc.
  • Giant Eagle
  • Hannaford
  • Harris Teeter
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  • Wal-mart


I can't believe it, but I got lice somehow at age 34! I was mortified and
extremely embarrassed. I was scared to use the products that were on the market
because I knew they had pesticides in them. After doing an internet search for
non-toxic lice removal this product came up. I read the reviews and decided to
give it a shot. I can tell you that I used it and was so surprised how easy and
effective the product was. I just sprayed it in and used the comb and removed
several bugs and tons of nits. It was super easy and smelled really nice too. I
felt really good about using this product and highly recommend it to anyone who
wants to be Licefreee quickly.

Zoe Sanchez

Having 3 children, the oldest being 16, we have been fortunate to never have to
deal with lice. That changed in Oct. 2010. I took my 11 yr. old for a haircut to
find out he had lice. I was horrified to say the least. I called my Dr. The
receptionist suggested the Toxic treatments such as Rid X. My sisters son had
had lice, and her Dr. told her to NOT use the toxic treatments. I went to
Walgreens to search what my choices were. I saw Licefreee with the label
Non-toxic. I's worth a try. We came home, followed the directions
doing the treatment. Which was easy, painless, and yes, smells like black
licorice. I don't like black licorice, but even so it was tolerable for me :-)
After 3 hours I did want him to wash his hair. Which he did. The next day I, and
my brother n law with experience with lice with his son, checked my sons hair
with the lice comb. He found NOTHING! The following day I checked again, and
found nothing! I, of course have washed all the bedding, hoodies, etc. But two
days after signs of lice, eggs, nits, nothing! I am SO
IMPRESSED!!! And relieved!! I was so scared we were embarking on a long journey,
which ended in a happy ending! I want to tell everyone....Though talking about
lice I do not want to talk about. . .Hopefully concerned parents will find this!

Carla Kazmierczak

My daughters were sent home from school with head lice. I immediately treated
them with an OTC product, and I also took them to see their pediatrician. The
doctor gave us a new prescription product to use the following day. Even after 2
different types of medication, I was still finding live lice as I combed.
Coupled with the plastic combs that were not removing many nits, my frustration
was very high! In the pharmacy for metal lice combs, nit gel, and plastic
gloves, I found Lice Freee spray on the shelf. The price was reasonable, metal
combs were included, and the product stated it was safe to use as often as
needed, so I bought it. And all I can say is, WOW!! It smelled pleasant, the
spray was SO easy to apply thoroughly, and it didn't burn the girls' heads.
Plus, the combs were absolutely fantastic, removing at least 99% of the nits-
and my daughters both have hair that is very curly and difficult to comb! After
receiving the all-clear from the school nurse the day after finding Lice Freee,
I told her about it, and she plans to recommend it to the other parents in the
school! Thank you for a GREAT product!

Shari McAllister

This product is the best on the market. Smells good, doesn't dry your hair out, and you don't have to pull all the nits out after you shampoo. I would recommend. Best on the market!

Lisa Vehige

I am amazed! This product seems to work great-my 5 yr old contracted head lice-her hair is all the way down to her bottom and thick like mine :( I was dreading the nightare. I used one of the NIX solutions on day 1 and still found a live louse the next day. I bought LICEFREE spray and used it on both girls and myself and husband (as a precaution) I have only seen dead ones and no eggs to speak of! HIGHLY reccomend this product!


I have 4 children and have had to battle lice continuously for over 5 years. The
ease of using this product was my 2nd reason for choosing it this time instead
of once again using an unsafe, harmful chemical. Before purchasing, I went to
your website and looked over all of the information before deciding and I wasn't
disappointed at all! Instantly as I was spraying it on, the lice were dying.
Couldn't ask for anything better and to know that it is proven to kill unhatched
eggs was a blessing. All of my children have extremely thick hair and it was
nice to find out that this product softens the hair and makes it easier to comb
out (thanks for the added bonus of a REAL lice comb). I never knew that so much
gunk and refuse was left in the hair from those pesky little critters until
using LiceFreee Spray! Thanks for an awesome product Ms. Creator!!!

Julie Beckett

After having to pick up my two daughters from school with visible nits and
active lice, I was not looking forward to all that comes with getting rid of
lice. We shampooed (using Nix) separating out the hair into sections and I spent
3 hours combing out their hair...even after using the Nix I was pulling live
lice from my daughters head!!! We did all the other steps throughout the house
to help prevent the spread only to find their heads the next day infested with
lice and nits. Off to the store again...this time we chose the Lice Free
... I again spent about 2 hours combing out their hair but with remarkable
results...the lice were killed by the spray and were coming out in the comb in
droves! I am so glad I tried your product and would recommend it without

Wendy Ibanez

Bravo! this product is the best on the market by far! I have two boys that seem
to get it every year, and I really dreaded the 3 step process that seemed to
take forever, but your one step spray is so easy and convenient and it REALLY
WORKS! when I saw how easy it was to use and to see that it worked as well! I
was ready to scream from the rooftops how great your product is. Not only is it
the easiest and best stuff on the market, but it is a lot more inexpensive than
the other brands. You have a loyal customer for as long as the need of your
product arises! Giving you guys a big high five!

Cindy Seale

After using the toxic shampoos and conditioners that didn't work, my two girls
and I put it on overnight and woke up lice free!


I had used RID atleast 6 or 7 times. the lice just kept coming back. My daughter would cry because the chemicals are harsh and burned alot. I was getting really frustrated with the situation. I saw this stuff on the shelf, and I thought, ''might as well''. so I tried it, when I was doing her hair, no crying or fussing. she wasn't complaining that it hurt or anything! I sprayed her hair, left a shower cap on her all night, and the next day, took it off and gave her a bath at the end of the night. Ever since, NO LICE!! Thank you guys so much for the service you provided me with. I'm more then satisfied! and I love that its non toxic! Keep up the great work. Thanks.

Jamie Read

Since my daughter started kindergarden she has been exposure to lice many times. My battle is more easy with your products. I use all from the shampoo/conditioner, spray and gel. She has a sensitive scalp and very thin hair, but the product doesn't harm her skin. I will continue to be a loyal costumer of all Licefree products!


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