We have combined our original non-toxic head lice treatment, Licefreee!® Gel, and our daily maintenance shampoo, Licefreee® Everyday!, into one package making head lice treatment and follow-up easier than ever! Licefreee!® Gel's new formula conditions the scalp while effectively killing head lice and nits (head lice eggs), while Licefreee® Everyday! can help your family avoid reinfestation when used daily.

Product Description

Licefreee!® Gel

Combat head lice with Licefreee!® Gel and say goodbye to your head lice infestation! Lice and nits don't stand a chance against our non-toxic formula that uses sodium chloride (salt) to effectively dehydrate these pesky critters! Free of potentially harmful chemical-pesticides (permethrin, pyrethrum, and lindane), Licefreee!® Gel is safe to use on children 6 months and older.

Now easier to apply than ever, Licefreee!® Gel comes with a root applicator that gets product close to the scalp where lice flock to lay their eggs. Also included in every package, is our professional stainless steel nit comb to assist in removing dead head lice and nits.


Licefreee® Everyday! Shampoo

After treating for head lice infestation, the main concern for many parents is the possibility of reinfestation. Fortunately, there's Licefreee® Everyday! With daily use, our shampoo can help you and your family avoid head lice reinfestation. Great for use:

  • After treating with Licefreee!® Gel
  • On all members of the family
  • Upon notification of an outbreak at your child's school!

Intended for use in place of your regular daily shampoo