Licefreee! Gel Non-toxic Head Lice Treatment has a new conditioning formula! Head lice infestation can cause itching and irritation to the scalp. Our new formula conditions the hair and scalp while still effective at killing head lice and their nits (head lice eggs) to end your head lice problem.

Product Description

Say goodbye to your head lice problem with Licefreee! Gel Non-toxic Head Lice Treatment. Licefreee Gel kills head lice and their nits naturally using sodium chloride, commonly known as salt. Because our active ingredient is salt, it is safe to use on children 6 months and older and is free of chemical pesticides such as permethrin, pyrethrum and lindane.

Licefreee! Gel Non-toxic Head Lice Treatment includes a root applicator to assist in applying the lice killing gel close to the scalp where head lice like to congregate and lay eggs. The treatment also includes a stainless steel, professional nit comb to remove the dead lice and nits from hair after treatment.

Benefits of Licefreee! Gel include:

  • Kills lice and their nits (eggs)
  • Includes a stainless steel nit comb for removal of dead lice and nits
  • Easy to apply with included root applicator
  • Free of chemical pesticides, homeopathic formula
  • Safe to use after traditional pesticide products

Licefreee! Gel comes in an 8 oz bottle and can be used for up to two lice treatment applications depending on hair thickness and length.