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Long gone are the days of stinky, smelly, chemical pesticides to treat head lice. Instead of using the traditional permethrin and pyrethrum over-the-counter head lice treatments, consider Non-toxic Licefreee! Brand Head Lice Treatments!

Licefreee! kills head lice naturally using sodium chloride (salt). Our head lice treatments have a pleasant smell (like licorice) and are safe to use for children 6 months and older.

As one of the first non-toxic lice treatments on the market, Licefreee! Gel has been a favorite of school nurses and pediatricians since its launch in 2000. Licefreee! Gel kills both head lice and their nits (eggs).

The favorite choice of the busy parent - Licefreee Spray! is the only one-step over-the-counter lice treatment that allows you to spray and go! Because it kills the nits as well, nit combing isn't necessary. However we do include a stainless steel nit comb in our treatments because many schools still have no-nit policies.

Want to avoid a head lice infestation? Try Licefreee! Everyday Shampoo. It creates an environment that head lice do not like to live so they travel elsewhere. If you do come in contact with head lice, Licefreee! Everyday will also kill the lice when used as directed.

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