First Aid


Still using the same first aid products that Grandma had in her medicine cabinet? Toss out the pink, watery lotion and gooey ointments - it is time to try a new way to treat your itch and pain.

Corticool® 1% Hydrocortisone Gel is unlike any other hydrocortisone on the market. The over-the-counter, water based gel relieves itching and pain by delivering more active ingredient through the surface of your skin. Most over-the-counter hydrocortisones are ointments or creams that can "float" on the skin's surface, taking a long time relieve itching. Corticool easily penetrates through your skin offering fast, cooling itch and pain relief. Use Corticool on eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, rashes from poison ivy and oak, soaps, detergents and jewelry, and other minor rashes.

New to the Tecnu® family: Tecnu® Bites & Stings™ Medicated Itch and Pain Relief wipes! Don't let insect bites and stings hinder your outdoors experience! With our patented wipes and homeopathic formula, you can experience immediate relief of insect bites and stings and reduce the urge to scratch. New, Tecnu Textures™ technology offers a textured side to calm and cool the itch of insect bites, while the smoother side is gentle enough for use on tender stings. Individually wrapped to easily accompany you on any adventure!

Tecnu® First Aid Gel is also unique when compared to traditional, over-the-counter products for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Formulated into a water based gel that can easily penetrate through the skin's surface, Tecnu First Aid gel uses a maximum strength antiseptic to kill bacteria and help prevent skin infections without using antibiotics. The pain from your minor cuts, scrapes and burns will be relieved quickly because Tecnu First Aid Gel also contains Lidocaine.

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