Sea Lice are Not Lice

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Sea lice are usually thimble jellyfish larvaeYou've been planning a vacation to the beach, but now the news has you nervous! Right now, "sea lice" are making headlines for the havoc they are causing along the Florida Gulf Coast. These tiny creatures can cause itching bites or lesions that can be quite painful. But sea lice are not in the same family as head lice, body lice or pubic lice.

Sea lice are actually jellyfish larvae. The larvae from thimble jellyfish are the common culprits in Florida and Caribbean waters. They sting when they become trapped between the space where your swimsuit and skin meet. The trapped sea lice discharge stinging cells releasing a toxin into the skin.

Sea lice are not like human head lice. They are not trying to survive off a human host. However, you can still be stung after washing and drying the affected clothing, since the stinging cells can still be activated. It is best to machine wash the affected clothing.

If you are stung by sea lice, you will want to remove your clothing and take a freshwater shower as soon as possible. The rash may be treated by over-the-counter anti-itch and antihistamine medications, but it is always best to seek the help of a medical professional.

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