Lice Changes Life

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Lice On Mattresses

Lice is never normal once you become an employee of Tec Labs. Oops, I meant, life. Life is never normal once you become an employee of Tec Labs. Why is that? Because, once you become an employee of Tec Labs and begin your journey on the lice learning curve, you begin to see 'lice possibilities' everywhere you go. By 'lice possibilities' I mean, occasions in which, what you once thought of as an everyday thing/object, has now morphed into a potential threat of head lice. 


Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to hit the mattress store in search of a suitable upgrade to replace our shabby mattress that I married into. Immediately when I arrived at the mattress store and saw a multitude of other shoppers laying on the display beds, I wished I had one of two things with me; a dust buster, or a lint roller. Once my rational mind returned (it usually does, although, not always), I realized the store employees might think I was certifiably nuts if I whipped out one of the aforementioned items and began dust busting/lint rolling each mattress to remove any possible lice or nits (lice eggs). So, I reasoned with myself; even if I had them, I wouldn't use them… I must find another way to get through this.

You're probably thinking, "only adults lay on these mattresses, and it's typically children that succumb to lice infestation." In the words of Jim Carey, WRONG-O! Shockingly, at a recent tradeshow several pediatric health professionals asked me if "adults even get lice?" WOW. I was taken aback. My response, "of course they can!" Lice don't know whether or not a head of hair belongs to an adult or a child. Human blood, is human blood and that is all they [lice] care about folks!

F.Y.I - In my shopping experience, I witnessed adults AND children testing out the mattresses!

To make a long story short, I did survive mattress shopping. I also may, or may not have, made my husband check my hair for lice throughout the remainder of the weekend…

My recommendations for items to be weary of:

  • Hats, wigs, hair accessories, etc. - if you are brave enough to try any of these items on in-store, give them a thorough inspection. Click here to see what lice and nits look like.
  • Clothing, scarves, etc. - again, give these items a good once-over if you choose to try them on in the store. When you get home with these items, wash them (or place in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes) before wearing.
  • Bedding & linens - It's always a good idea to wash and dry before use.
  • Mattresses- If you find yourself mattress shopping in the future, consider bringing along an old hand towel or t-shirt to lay under your head. Also, it doesn't hurt to do a quick head check when you get home! 

I've never seen myself as a visionary of any kind… but now, as an employee of Tec Labs, I see myself a visionary of possible head lice infestation opportunities in my daily life! Who knew?!

Live your life, Licefreee!®

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