Whispers Lead to Lice?

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Grade school is full of secrets and… head lice.


You know what they say about secrets, "they don't make friends." Ah, yes, the wise, wise words of someone who knows just how disastrous a Can whispers cause head lice infestation? simple game of telephone[1] can be…

Head lice can be spread in a number of ways, and the act of whispering secrets is one of them! The closeness required to share a juicy secret, involves head-to-head contact, the easiest way for lice to migrate from noggin to noggin. Perhaps Gretchen Weiner's hair was full of secrets AND lice? If you don't understand the reference, it's because you haven't seen one of the greatest movies of all time, Mean Girls. If ever you've had questions about teenage girls, or girls in general, this film will enlighten you. I'll guarantee that.

Perhaps I never succumbed to head lice as a child because my mother was so adamant on enforcing the "no whispering," rule. Betty was/is all about manners, manners, manners, and secrets were considered incredibly rude, and absolutely not allowed (I imagine that whispering irritated her as much as nail biting irritates me). There were countless times friends would be over and would lean in to share a sensational secret. Of course I wanted to know what the super-top-secret morsel of information was, but I would immediately freeze and tense up, as I was terrified, knowing that my mother was about to scold me in front of a friend… "Cail-eeeeen, {insert friend's name here}, no whispering. You are being incredibly rude!" Side note: as an adult, I can appreciate her demand of manners and good behavior. But, at the time it was mortifying how "uncool" my mom was for scolding me in front of my friends! Ah, the enlightenment of adulthood.

So what have we learned? We've learned that whispering secrets is rude and in some cases, a vehicle for head lice to spread. Consequently, you may remind your kiddos that the next time a friend wants to share a secret or play a game of telephone, perhaps they should think twice…

However, if quitting whispering cold-turkey proved too tremendous a task and your child was unsuccessful, you can count on Licefreee Spray!® to kill head lice and lice eggs (nits) quick! Oh yeah, did I mention that it's a non-toxic head lice treatment to boot? It's hard to beat that!

Until next time,

Stay lice free!

[1] A game in which a message is passed on, in a whisper, by each person, so that the final version of the message is often radically changed from the original.

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