Dealing With Head Lice When You Are a Single Parent

By Lisa  |  Friday, July 6, 2012  |  ,  |  1 comment

Head Lice Treatment for Single ParentsWe hear directly from parents all the time about the frustrations of dealing with their child's head lice infestation. The thorough cleaning, laundry and nit-picking can wear a parent down. These tasks can be even more exhausting when you are a single parent. As a single parent you also have one other concern when dealing with head lice, you don't have anyone to check or treat your head.

If you are a single parent dealing with head lice, here are some tips for you:

If you visit the school nurse, or whoever may have found head lice in your child's hair, ask them to do a quick check of your hair to see if you have any signs of head lice infestation.

If you think you have head lice, you can treat your own head with our Licefreee Spray Instant Head Lice Treatment. All you have to do is spray on your dry hair until it is well saturated and then let air dry. Unlike other products, Licefreee Spray kills nits (lice eggs) so it is alright if you can't comb them out of your own hair. It is non-toxic so it is safe to use as often as you like. A second treatment within 7-10 days is a good idea just in case you missed any nits while saturating your hair.

If you don't think you have head lice but want to take an extra precaution to not get lice from your child, you can replace your daily shampoo with Licefreee Everyday Shampoo. It creates an environment that lice do not like to live. This is also a great product for siblings to use who may not have head lice yet.

You should also avoid letting your child share your hair brush or hair accessories until after the head lice infestation has cleared.

Follow our head lice tips on how to clean your home after a head lice infestation.

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