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Martha Gardens with Tecnu®

By Caileen  |  Thursday, January 08, 2015 |  , , , ,  |  Leave comment

For those of you who frequent the vast sea of social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.), you know how great a 'like', 'thumbs up', 'share', 'favorite', or comment can feel. Am I right? It's the acknowledgement of a great photo, a witty saying, or a shared opinion, that validates your existence in a strange way that makes you feel like a million bucks (if you negate this, you either aren't on social media, or you are living in denial - it's ok, we still think you're great anyway)!

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Top 10 Gifts For The Outdoor Adventurer

By Administrator  |  Monday, December 08, 2014 |  , , , , , ,  |  Leave comment

We all have that father, brother, sister, mother, niece, nephew, cousin, or friend that is outdoor-to-the-core. You know who I'm talking about…. Uncle Willy who owns every rifle ever made; cousin Beau who has hiked every trail in the Pacific Northwest; sister Susie who out-fishes most grown men. You get the idea. While you on the other hand, much prefer the comfort of your couch with remote in hand, a bowl of lucky charms in the other, while you surf for T.V.'s latest trashy, er… I mean, interesting reality show. That's ok. Be you my friend, own it! We don't all have to be outdoors-people. But, this does present a bit of a predicament when it comes to this special time of year, and finding the right gift. Am I right? What to get {insert relation of choice here} is a bit of a challenge when interests are so varied! So, as the makers of outdoor solutions since 1962, we are here to help! There has to be something on this outstanding (if we do say so ourselves) list of 2014's top 10 gifts for the avid outdoorsman:

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11 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Should Go Outside

By Administrator  |  Wednesday, November 05, 2014 |  , , ,  |  1 comment

Dear Readers:

As you know, we (the people of Tec Labs) are big fans of the outdoors… Some of us are hunters, some are runners, there are those that hike, those that bike, some who fish, some who garden, and the list goes on! Basically, we love the outdoors and all types of greenery. We're staying true to our roots that began and anchor, our business: outdoor solutions since 1962! So imagine my excitement when, I came across an article outlining the benefits of… going OUTSIDE! The perfect subject for a Tec Labs post (am I right?). For the majority of us around here, it doesn't take a lot of convincing to get outside the four walls of the office or home. But, we realize there are some who may need a gentle "push." So here they are, the 11 scientifically proven reasons you should get outside:

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Autumn's Beauty Has a Dirty Secret

By Administrator  |  Wednesday, October 01, 2014 |  , , , , ,  |  Leave comment

Dear Readers:

Did you know that you are at an increased risk of coming into contact with poison oak or poison ivy during the fall and winter months? "Why no, Caileen, we didn't. How could that be? I thought I only had to worry about that in the summer time." Well, friends, the truth is, autumn leaf pick-up is the perfect opportunity for these poison plants to contaminate you with their rash-causing oil, urushiol (ooo-roo-she-all) as they hide amongst the yard debris you so desperately desire to rid your yard of.

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Spartan Mud Run with a Dash of an Itchy, Red Rash

By Administrator  |  Wednesday, September 03, 2014 |  , , , , ,  |  Leave comment

On a recent web search to see what's happening in the land of poison ivy, oak, and sumac I stumbled upon an article about "mysterious rashes" Spartan race participants experienced after an event on July 20th in Marseilles, IL. Initially dozens, and now reportedly hundreds, are suffering from a rash that surfaced post-run.

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