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10 Reasons Why you Shouldn't Eat Those Berries

By Caileen  |  Tuesday, August 05, 2014 |  , , ,  |  Leave comment

As you know, we spend a great deal of time talking about our friends: poison oak, poison ivy, & poison sumac (We have been in the oak-n-ivy business for over 50 years, folks!). Just kidding about them being our "friends" though, really. Anyway, did you know that in addition to poison oak, ivy, & sumac, that there are an abundance of other poisonous plants that could be lurking in the great outdoor spaces you frequently venture to? Until stumbling upon an article on lethal plants recently, I was completely oblivious! I mean, I knew about a few plants my parents had warned me about as a kid, the words: "Don't eat the berries off of a plant you don't recognize, Caileen" have stuck with me over the years! How many of these 10 lethal plants have you heard of?

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How Do You Tecnu?

By Caileen  |  Friday, July 25, 2014 |  , , ,  |  Leave comment

Dear Adventurers:

Come one, come all! It's your chance to WIN! Tec Labs has launched its very first Facebook contest, and we want to hear from you! We want to know, HOW DO YOU TECNU? That's right, we're making "Tecnu" a verb! It's simple to enter, just head over to our Official Facebook Page and look for the "Enter to Win" tab. Or, you can enter here! It's as easy-as-pie, here's what you need to do...

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Summer Itchin' Happened So Fast

Greetings Adventurers:

Ah yes, summer time means so many things: sunshine, seemingly never-ending days, crisp air, iced-tea, the scent of fresh cut grass, outdoor adventures aplenty, and oh yeah, POISON OAK & IVY! {Picture this}… It's a beautiful mid-summer's day. You're at a nearby hiking destination enjoying your expedition, when suddenly you realize… you've just trekked through a patch of poison ivy… Unfortunately, you have never heard of Tecnu Extreme and you're not sure what to do. That's when your fellow adventurers begin offering up a slew of their own concoctions and home remedies. You're overwhelmed by the many options you've been given, and not sure where to begin… Cut to 2 days later, when none of said concoctions did anything to improve your bout of poison ivy rash… Now, home remedies aren't always a bad thing. But, there is a time and an itch for home remedies, and poison ivy ain't one! What's the trouble with home remedies? Well, to start, often they do not work to remove urushiol (rash-causing oil from poison oak, poison ivy, & poison sumac), they can be incredibly messy, and most importantly, some can be downright harmful. These are the top 10 most common poison oak and ivy home remedies we've heard of, and why you may want to avoid them:

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A Crispy Situation

By Caileen  |  Tuesday, June 10, 2014 |  , , , , , ,  |  Leave comment

Why you should always wear sun protection…

I can hear her now, that little voice in the back of my head scolding me for doing something when I "should know better." Oddly, that voice sounds just like my mom's… I don't think it matters how old you get, whether you're 3, 30, or 60, your mother will always reserve the right to scold you for making silly, preventable mistakes. That little voice brings me to a recent experience, and the topic of this post! A couple of months ago my husband and I built a new house, and it wasn't long before we realized that we needed to expedite the process of fencing in our yard. Why the hurry you ask? For a furry, 4-legged little boy we refer to as "our baby" (If you saw him, you might say he is a black lab pup). Tuff (the baby), is very inquisitive and likes to wander if boundaries are not provided. Thus, the labor intensive task of fence building began.

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Tec Labs to take part in "Safety Break for Oregon"

By Caileen  |  Tuesday, May 13, 2014 |  , , , , ,  |  Leave comment

Tec Labs and its employees will recognize the importance of safety and health in the workplace during the statewide Safety Break for Oregon celebration on May 14, 2014.

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